Wrap Machine

Wrap Machine

Easy to use, wrapping cycles and the possibility of programming an unlimited number of options.
Automatic standalone wrapping turntable with clamp and cutting system, simple and reliable.


  • Price is not including transportation.
  • Price is not including taxes.
  • Automatically determination for pallet height.
  • Emergency switch to stop the machine.
  • Gradual acceleration.
  • Pre stretch feature (to control the strength of stretching).
  • Ability to control the speed of roll carrier.
  • Ability to control the speed of turn table.
  • Ability to control the No. of top & bottom wrapping rolls.
  • Provided with the feature of going back to the starting point.
  • Digital Screen.
  • Inverter (Schneider).

Type Automatic rolling machine:

  • Turn Table Diameter: 1500 mm.
  • Pallet Max. Height: 2000 mm.
  • Speed: 12 round/min.
  • Roll Width: 500 mm
  • Pallet Max. Weight: 1500 kg.