Radio shuttle

IRack®  Radio shuttle is a semi-automated high-density storage solution for storage of goods, which uses an automatic device to move in the channel back and forth for transportation, forklift pick up at the end.

It’s suitable for high density storage with similar structure as drive in racking system using in cold storage, food and beverage industry and other low level of SKU. It could helps you to create maximum use of the storage and simplifies loading and unloading of goods.

Radio shuttle will automatically load and unload pallets with high efficiency, no need forklift enter into the aisle. Running speed of pallet shuttle is about 0.8-1.2m/s, maximum load 1500kg.

It’s widely used in Food&Beverage, Cold Store, Chemical, Automobile, Logistics Center and Chemical Industry, which will highly improve work efficiency and save labor cost.

Benefits of Radio Shuttle Rack System:

  1. Lower risk of damage to the rack and operator.
  2. Automatically load, unload, organize pallets with high precision, fast and sustainable.
  3. Save labor cost, improve work efficiency and inventory turnover.
  4. Both radio shuttle and racks are designed and produced by Irack team, CE testing approved.
  5. Available for different size of pallets

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Product Name: Radio shuttle