Selective Pallet Rack

In order to store palletised products, IRack® with its wide experience as a racking manufacturer, has developed an extensive range of accessories which enable the most demanding of storage needs to be met.


 Clear Aisles of 3 to 3.4 m for reach trucks or 3.5 to 4.5 m for counter balanced fork lifts.

 Supports First in First Out (FIFO)

 Most common mode of racking

 Unfettered access to any pallet

 Allows order picking at lower levels

 Storage Utilization: 90%

 I.e. for every 100 pallet places available, you can fill 90.

When do you use it?

 Where you have a relatively low number of pallets per SKU

 When you want totally free access to any pallet, any time

 When you need to pick from pallets at lower levels

When not to use it?

 When you have a high number of pallets per SKU and you are constrained for space

 When you need to pick from more pallets than the lower level pick face will allow

Basic components of conventional pallet racking:

1) Wall tie
2) Floor anchor bolts
3) Leveling shims
4) Upright protector
5) Bump protector
6) Spine bracing
7) Top tie
8) Pallet support bar
9) Stillage container support bar
10) Shelf Support Bar
11) Chipboard or melamine shelf
12) Metal Shelf
13) Wiremesh decking
14) Coil support bar
15) Pallet stop bar
16) Anti-collapse mesh guarding
17) Fork entry bar
18) Safety sign & Maintenance sign
19) Aisle identification plate

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