Mezzanine Storage System

IRack®  Steel structure mezzanine is a perfect solution for designing extra floor space in your existing building. This enables you to achieve uninterrupted space above and below which offers unlimited flexibility for utilization of space. For example, you may want to utilize the ground floor for storage platform, manufacturing, work or picking area.

Steel platform is disassembled and easy to modify the dimension or location than other systems to meet your future business requirements of the warehouse.

All of IRack® steel mezzanine floors are design to suit customer’s need and in accordance with engineering standards. And making solution design for your specific needs whether your project is big or small, without any compromising the safety and stability of the structure of mezzanines.


  • Cost-effective, creating the maximize warehouse space in your facility without having to pay for expensive relocation.
  • Customized mezzanine solution to fit your exact area, height, color and load requirements.
  • Compatible with a variety of storage shelving or warehouse racking

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Product Name: Mezzanine Storage System