Long Span

Discover our Long Span Shelving System, a versatile and efficient storage solution with standard dimensions of 2000 (H) * 2000 (W) * 600 (D). It offers 4 levels and a loading capacity of up to 400 kg, providing reliable support for heavy items. Simplify organization and enhance productivity with this durable and adjustable shelving solution.


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Long Span Shelving System

A Versatile and Efficient Storage Solution

Ample Space for Your Items
With standard dimensions of 2000 (H) * 2000 (W) * 600 (D), our robust shelving unit is perfect for warehouses, industrial facilities, and retail stores.

Maximize Vertical Storage
Our Shelving System boasts 4 levels, accommodating heavy items up to 400 kg with ease, ensuring reliable support and easy access.

Built to Last
Constructed with high-quality materials, our shelving system withstands demanding environments and heavy loads, providing long-lasting durability.

Easy Assembly & Customization
Hassle-free setup with easy-to-follow instructions. Fully adjustable shelves allow customization to meet your storage needs.

Versatile Integration
Seamlessly fits into various settings from warehouses to showrooms, easily expandable for larger storage configurations.

Enhance Efficiency & Organization
Utilize vertical space, clear visibility, and accessibility to streamline operations and improve productivity.

Optimize Your Space
Upgrade your storage capabilities with our Long Span Shelving System, promoting efficiency and easy access to your products.

Invest in Excellence
Revolutionize your storage experience with durable construction and generous loading capacity. Simplify organization and boost productivity.

Customizable and Versatile
Our Long Span Shelving System allows you to tailor the setup to your specific requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for your storage needs. Whether you need to store large quantities of items or heavy equipment, our shelving system can handle it all with ease.

Seamless Expansion
As your business grows, our Long Span Shelving System grows with you. The modular design allows for easy expansion and integration of additional units, providing a scalable storage solution for the future.

Stability and Safety
Safety is paramount in any storage system. Our Long Span Shelving System is designed with stability and safety in mind, providing a secure storage environment for your valuable goods.

Discover the power of our  Shelving System today and transform your storage space.


Standard Unit:

  • Standard Dimensions: 2000 (H) * 2000 (W) * 600 (D).
  • Number of Levels: 4 levels.
  • Loading Capacity: up to 400 kg.